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Plumbing Installations

A plumbing installation is a vital process in any home or building to ensure the efficient flow of water and safe disposal of waste.

Our plumbers are responsible for identifying and connecting all water supply and waste connections between your building system and public utilities. We determine the entry and exit points of these systems in the building.

Plumbing Installations

Planning and design


This phase is foremost as it sets the groundwork for the entire plumbing system. We will develop a blueprint detailing the layout, fixture placement, and optimal pathways for water supply and drainage. After finalizing the design, we will acquire any required permits from local authorities before commencing any plumbing services.

Rough-in plumbing installation


In this phase, the fundamental framework of the plumbing system is established. This involves positioning the water supply lines, drain, and waste lines, and securely fixing them within the walls and beneath the floors. The rough-in installation is essential to guarantee the smooth and safe operation of the plumbing system, while also accounting for future plumbing maintenance needs. Upon completion of the rough-in plumbing, it typically undergoes inspection by local authorities to ensure compliance with building codes.

Fixture Installation and Final inspection

In this phase, your plumbing service connects fixtures and appliances to the plumbing system. Completion of drain and vent systems and attachment of water supply lines to fixtures are also carried out. Final connections are meticulously made to ensure water-tightness and functionality. Following fixture installation, a comprehensive final inspection is conducted to confirm compliance with safety and building code standards.
At this stage, our plumber installs various fixtures such as faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, toilets, washbasins, dishwashers, water purification systems, water heaters, gas fireplaces, and other related fixtures and appliances.

Maintenance and Services

Even if a plumbing system is installed impeccably, regular maintenance and occasional repairs are essential. Service and maintenance can be considered as the fourth phase of plumbing projects:

– Check lubrication levels of pumps, test gauges, and meters.
– Repair faulty fixtures and components.
– Verify the operating system.
– Regulate the flow and usage rate.

Plumbing Services